HENAN DINGLI POLE & TOWER CO., LTD. was founded in May 1950,The name of the enterprise is the construction trade union of Xi ping county,Mainly engaged in the construction industry and handicraft industry. On the occasion of the beginning , only 5 people, fixed assets of 150¥. By 1957, the number of personnel expanded to 80 people, more than 5000 ¥ of fixed assets, enterprises renamed Xi  ping construction society.


In 1958, the company changed its name to Xi ping Construction Bureau, with more than 500 people.


In 1960, the name was restored to Xi ping construction society


In 1964, it was renamed as Xi ping building materials factory.


In 1966, self-reliance, indigenous horse manufacturing concrete poles.Batch production in 1967, the main production of 6.5m, 7.5m, 9m low-voltage poles, annual output of 2500 roots, the same year in October, the company officially renamed Xi ping County rod factory


In October 1980, Xi ping electric pole Manufactory was separated from Xi ping County construction company, whose construction business was owned by the construction company, and the pole and precast component business went to Xi ping electric pole Manufactory In the tide of economic system reform.


In March 1998, the enterprises were reformed and changed from collective enterprises into joint-stock enterprises.


In March 2000, it changed its name to Xi ping city Xi ping electric pole Co., ltd.


In November 2003, The former Xi ping County second chemical fertilizer plant which has been bankruptcy, was mergered and acquisitioned  by we company,  Carrying out the southward movement of the North factory, Move from old factory to Cheng Nan industrial area, And carry out The second reform, incorporated in HENAN DINGLI Steel pipe pole CO., LTD.


With the company's products series and the expansion of business scale, in June 23, 2008 the company changed its name to HENAN DINGLI POLE AND TOWER CO. LTD.  In the same year,  Acquisition and holding the Henan Dadi Electric Power Survey and Design Co., ltd.


In June 2009, the company was approved by Henan provincial science and Technology Department to set up Henan power transmission and transformation power grid engineering technology research center


Xi ping Ding Li Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in October 2010, In Xinjiang Urumqi capital injection cooperation established Xinjiang branch, It realizes the trans regional and trans industry management of the enterprise .In April 2015, Ruoqiang branch was set up in Xinjiang. June 2015 joint venture established Henan Ding Li air defense equipment Co., Ltd. .At present, the company has begun to take shape Group company prototype