Leader Speech

Bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening to the outside world, Fight against the wind and rain of socialist market economy, Striding forward to you is a modern enterprise with infinite vitality -- Henan Dingli Pole & Tower Co. Ltd.

Mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, Initial cash. The arrival of the economic era, economic integration, The historical opportunity of market globalization, To bring unprecedented development space. DINGLI people Struggle hard in the difficult market elimination struggled road . From twenty years ago, a small factory with a population of less than 100 people, and development of today's power tower, The pillar of electrified railway is the manufacturing base of the first tower of the six provinces in the middle of China。 Henan Dingli Pole & Tower Co. Ltd. is going through it Phoenix Nirvana Metamorphosis.

The team is the foundation for development, the customer is god. Looking back the background, we thank a loyal to the enterprise, silently, excluding fame, able to endure hardship, to fight, to dedicate staff; we thank a number of long-term care and trust, give their full support to support customer groups, this achievement of their brilliant today

We have as broad as the sea of feelings, we grasp the sun as bright as the vitality, we pursue the passion as blood boiling. Look to the future, we will continue adhering to the "pioneering, enterprising, perseverance, honesty" spirit of enterprise, to the "fear of the core value of customers, quality excellence, team spirit, honesty, innovation" concept throughout, people-oriented, respect for employees, service employees, employees demand attention, focus on staff development, and strive to build a with the common prosperity of the staff for their homes

Employees create a rich life and a bright future, To provide customers with the best products and the most perfect service, Create the greatest value and make the greatest contribution to society, This is our vision, the dream of all our people, and the sacred mission that the times have entrusted us.

Let us strive for the realization of our DINGLI dream!

 Leader Speech