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Henan Dingli Tower Co., Ltd. is a private technology company that produces intelligent tower equipment. The company specializes in national infrastructure projects such as electric power, railway, telecommunications, civil air defense and smart cities. It insists on steady operation, continuous innovation, open cooperation and cooperation for society, customers Provide core competitive products and services. Has now developed into the first six towers in central China manufacturers. The company occupies 400,000 square meters, 800 million yuan in output value.
The company has more than 60 years of production history. Provincial Transmission and Distribution Network Engineering Research Center, the provincial-level enterprise technology center; commitment to provincial and municipal major scientific and technological projects, more than 30 scientific and technological achievements won provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards, more than 50 inventions And utility model patents by the state protection. The main products are large bending moment pole, substation structure, angle steel tower, UHV steel pipe tower, communication tower, civil air defense equipment, high-speed rail contact net pillar, underground underground pipe complex, wisdom city light pole, and assembly type concrete.
The company has 3200 tons of CNC hydraulic bending machine, flange welding machine, intersecting line cutting machine, gantry drilling, welder and other large-scale production equipment, with spectrometer, salt spray test machine, universal testing machine, impact testing machine Testing Equipment. In the industry in 2010 took the lead through the quality, environment and occupational health and safety three system certification. Passed CRCC railway certification in 2012.
"Dingli" brand was awarded the "Famous Brand of Henan Province"; the main products won the "Famous Brand Product of Henan Province"; the first "Mayor Quality Award" was awarded to Zhumadian City in 2010; and the "Key Equipment Manufacturing Industry of Henan Province in 2011" Nurturing business "; 2012 was identified as" national high-tech enterprises "; 2014 was awarded the" National Welding Engineering Grand Prize. " Selected in 2015 in the province, "the most beautiful taxpayer in Henan Province", 2016 was awarded the "post-doctoral research and development base in Henan Province." Products sold throughout the country, into the Olympic Project, the Three Gorges Project, Expo project, the State Grid "East of Anhui to send" UHV steel pipe tower project and exported to Europe, Africa, the Americas and other countries and regions.

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