Henan Dingli Tower Co., Ltd. achieved excellent results in the Zhumadian Welding Skills Competition

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On December 13, the Zhumadian 2017 Skills Competition came to an end. Young welders from Henan Dingli Tower Co., Ltd., Li Yaoqiang, Xu Dongdong, and Zhang Zhuangzhuang won the first and second place (tied) in the city.

In order to further promote the implementation of the national skills revitalization project, speed up the cultivation of high-skilled talents in our city, promote the spirit of craftsmen, and create a social atmosphere that respects labor and advocates skills, Zhumadian City decided to hold this vocational skills competition. In order to seize this opportunity, cultivate a new generation of technical backbones, train the team, and show the team style of Dingli people, the company leaders decided to recommend young welders Li Yaoqiang, Xu Dongdong and Zhang Zhuangzhuang to participate in the representative team composed of Xiping County to participate in this competition. The three young contestants are the technical backbone of the company and the workshop. In normal times, they study technology assiduously, strive for perfection, and have superb welding skills. In the case of tight time and heavy tasks, they were not afraid of strong players like forests. They took the time to actively prepare for the game before the game, and made careful preparations for the game. During the competition, they took on the challenge calmly with excellent psychological quality and technical literacy, and finally stood out among many players. Li Yaoqiang won the first place in the city, Xu Dongdong and Zhang Zhuangzhuang won the second place in the city. Li Yaoqiang was also awarded the honorable title of "Technical Expert in Zhumadian City".

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