Strong quality and integrity, Dingli is famous!

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On November 6, 2019, Henan Quality Association released the evaluation results of the 2019 "Henan Province Quality Brand" project and the evaluation results of the 2019 "Quality Integrity System AAA-level Enterprise".

Dingli Tower Co., Ltd. was awarded the quality brand B-type brand and the high-level AAA enterprise of the integrity system. This time, both of them were shortlisted for the selection of high quality and integrity in Henan Province, and were honored at the same time.

Dingli Tower has adhered to the development strategy of "quality-oriented enterprise" since the establishment of the factory. Chairman Li of the company proposed the quality concept of "quality changes China, quality is strong, and Dingli is strong", advocating that all employees establish quality awareness and stick to that role. Quality and unwavering beauty. This is also a fine tradition and a magic weapon for the company to stand in the market wave for decades. In recent years, in order to improve product quality and polish Dingli brand, the company has established a five-level quality system including "self-inspection, mutual inspection, random inspection, special inspection, and patrol inspection", and has successively introduced excellent performance management mode, quality commitment, and three systems, etc. Advanced concepts and tools not only ensure product quality, but also create high-quality projects. They have also won two Zhumadian Mayor Quality Awards, two shortlisted Henan Provincial Governor Quality Awards, and two provincial quality management first prizes.

At the same time, the company also put forward the core values ​​of "reverence for customers and integrity-based", and always adhere to the market-oriented, customer-centric development concept, continuously improve customer satisfaction, create great efforts, and be loyal to all commitments to customers. We will do our best to deliver satisfactory answers to customers, and we have gained a wide range of popularity and reputation in major markets and customer groups. The company has successively won honors such as "Integrity Private Enterprise in Henan Province" and "Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise in Henan Province".

A well-known phrase in corporate publicity is "survive by quality and develop by reputation". Dingli Pagoda is to abide by the two bottom lines and main lines of integrity and quality. There are traces on the stepping stone, step by step, blue thread on the road, and one step in a year. Only then can we achieve today's extraordinary achievements, and there is a familiar sentence in today's one-day double enterprise promotion. It is "survive by quality, develop by credit". Dingli Pagoda is to abide by the two bottom lines and main lines of integrity and quality. There are traces on the stepping stone, one step at a time, one step in a blue thread, one step in a year, only to achieve today's extraordinary achievements and today's double happiness in a day.

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